PES Congress – Roma

March 01, 2014


Eyyup Doru, a member of the Presidency of the PES, has participated at the Annual Conference of the  PES held in Rome this year.

He has confirmed the nomination of Martin Schultz, the current president of the European Parliament, at the Commission of the Union European. President Martin Schutlz, who support a global autonomy for the Kurdish people, is well known by the Kurdish and Turkish media. He had already received last year as president of the European Parliament, a delegation led by the co-President of the BDP Selahattin Demirtas and Eyyup Doru himself. The BDP Party, associate member of the European Socialist Party, supports the candidacy of M.Schultz to the presidency of the European Commission.

The delegation, present at the Annual Meeting and led by M.Doru participated in several bilateral meetings with representatives of political parties and  SEP members and discussed mainly the ongoing peace process in Turkey between the President of the PKK Abdullah Ocalan, the Turkish government and the BDP.

Mr. Doru also made a speech about the success of Kurdish political parties in Syria, stressing the need to support them:

“It would become a possible way for the restoration of a democratic and participatory model in the Kurdish region of Syria and it thus could be expanded  to the whole of the Syrian state”.

To this end, on a proposal from Mr. Doru at a previous meeting of the Presidency of the PES, the representatives of the High Council of Kurdish in Syria was also formally invited to the PES Congress in Rome.

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