UN urges action for Kobanê


The General Secretary of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon called for an immediate action to protect the Kurdish civilian in Kobanê. UN statement came 22 days after the Kurdish town has been coming under heavy fire since september 15th by the islamists gangs using US-Russian tanks.

“In light of the gross and extensive violations of human rights and international humanitarian law the terrorist group has committed in areas that have fallen under its control in Syria and Iraq during its barbarous campaign” and urgently calls on all those with the means to do so to take immediate action to protect the beleaguered civilian population of Kobani. But are there any more civilians ? asking Kurds angrily.

UN Chief Ban: “following with grave concern the ongoing offensive by ISIL [IS] on the northern Syrian town of Kobani, which has already resulted in massive displacement of civilians, including into Kurdistan Region in Turkey, and numerous death and injuries,”.

Following the group’s advance, the United States and its allies launched airstrikes against IS targets in Iraq and Syria and promised to stir up military aid for Iraqi, Kurdish and “moderate” Syrian opposition forces. But Kobani Kurds saying that there are not any effect of air strikers to the terrorists.

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