European delegation – Suruç



October 29, 2014


Deputies of the party of the European Left, the Greek Syriza and the French Communist Party have visited the border area of Suruç -Kobanê.

Deputy president of the Party of the European Left, Tobias Plfueger, its general secretary, Paolo Ferrero, Nikolaj Villmunsen from the Danish Red/Green Alliance and Syriza MEP Nantia Valavani and advisor Evangelos Kalpadakis, president of the Party of the European Left and French Communist Party (FKP) National Secretary Pierre Laurent, FKP Lydia Samarbash and FKP international relations member Sylvie Jan are continuing their meetings in Suruç border area.The delegation met DBP officials and HDP MPs. The delegations were met by DTK member Feleknas Uca, HDP MPs İbrahim Binici and Nazmi Gür and HDP party assembly member Mehmet Doymaz, who provided information on the Kobanê-Suruç resistance now in its 45th day.

HDP Urfa MP İbrahim Binici said: “Only the Kurdish freedom movement has been able to halt this brutal organisation. In the same way that Turkey has for years tried to throttle the Kurdish freedom movement it wanted to do the same in Kobanê,” adding that Turkish support for the gangs has been revealed in the press on numerous occasions.

Those on the crisis desk said that the DBP municipalities had provided 200,000 people from Kobanê with aid, and that the state had not provided anything. The crisis desk asked for support bearing in mind the onset of winter.

Members of the delegation said that they would not remain silent. They emphasised, during the meeting, that they will push for a corridor to be opened into Kobanê town of West Kurdistan, Rojava, as soon as possible. Pierre Laurent said they would exert pressure in their home countries for a corridor to be opened to Kobanê, adding: “We have seen that the Turkish government, rather than assist you, wants to prevent you providing aid. When we return to Europe we will work for international support. We will ensure support goes directly to DBP municipalities. We are aware that as representatives of the Party of the European Left we have to be in solidarity with the Kurds. We will also endeavour to have the PKK removed from the list of ‘terrorist organisations’ in the EU.”

The delegation then visited the tent cities in which citizens from Kobanê are living, and finished their visit by going to the village of Mehser where the resistance vigil were taking place, and issued a statement there.

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