Yezidi delegation – Meeting at the European Parliament

Brussels, November 04, 2014,


The president of the European parliament Martin Schulz has received a Yezidi delegation on november 04, where M.Schulz stressed the need to give all kind of assistance to kurds in their struggle against the islamists groups of Daesh.

The meeting led to the decision of organising a conference about the Sînjar and the Yezidis people. The delegation, composed of the president of the Union of the Yezidis academicians (GEA) Dr. Sefik Tagay, the president of the federation of Yezidis associations (FKÊ) Ali Atalan, the spokesman of the Iniative for Sînjar’s autonomy Aslan Kizilhan and the  president of the Germany’s Christians and Yezidis communuty Irfan Ortaç has met the EP president Martin Schulz, the president of the Foreign commission affairs Elmar Brok and Social Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesman Knut Fleckentein.

The recent genocide of Sînjar and the situation of the Yezidis have been debated at the meeting. Some recommendations as assistance’s necessity for the refugees of Sînjar, the urgent need of the Yezidis people to be rescued from the hands of DAESH, the help needed to be done on issues such as a a constitution of a defense units for Sengal have been presented. These recommendations have been welcomed by M.Schulz, quoted as saying: “Today, it is necessary to do what needs to be done for the security and the freedom of the Yezidis people who are currently facing extinction in the Middle East. As a European parliament, we won’t let things go. We are following the developments and we will be working with the Yezidis within the coming period. We will provide any kind of help for all the kurds struggling against Daesh”.

Elmar Brok welcomed warmly the idea of puting a conference about the yezidis’s situation on the european agenda, while Knut Fleckentein condemned firmly the genocide perpretated against the Yezidi people, pointig out that the Yezids issue must be transposed on an international plateform: A conference needs to be organised as soon as possible with the participation of  all the factions and led by the Foreign Affairs Commission. All the Yezidis and kurdish intellectuel and representatives of the international sates should attend this conference, where  The future of the Yezidis people will be debated”.




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