Danish Delegation – Cizîre Canton

 attachment_1416515845452_fotoA Danish delegation visited the Cizîre Canton  of Rojava via the Semâlka border on november 19, in order to conduct observations.

The delegation also visited the co-chair of Canton, Mr.Şêx Himêdî El-Deham El-Hadî and some officials.
The delegation was composed of the deputy and head of external relations of the Union party Red-Green Villiumsen Nikolaj, former MEP Søren Søndergård, member of the Copenhagen City Council Alan Ehmed and the head of PYD for Denmark Saiar Dêriki.

The Danish delegation also visited the Newroz camp in the town of Derik, where Sinjar refugees are located. The Danish Parliamentary Nicolas (Philo Misson) and member of the Foreign Relations of the Left Party said during the visit:

“We are with the revolution of Rojava. We have been able to witness the security troubles in the region and will examine it more in detail back to Denmark. The eyes of the whole world are fixed on the success of the revolution in Rojava.

And we also want to stay witness of this reality.
In addition, the purpose of our visit is to show our solidarity with Rojava, to develop further relations and to support the opening of a humanitarian corridor”.

Co-Chair of the Canton Mr.Şêx Himêdî El-Deham El-Hadî spoke in turn: “We want to represent a new thought, a new model. We want our voice to be heard around the world. We will continue to fight by all our means, with the same great determination and until our battle is won, against all those who want to stifle, want to finish our revolution. “

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