Ezîdî Conference – European Parliament

imageA conference on “The Middle East and the Êzîdîs” organised in the European Parliament has concluded with the publication of a final resolution, calling for assistance from international powers.

The conference, jointly organised in Brussels by the Peoples Democracy Party, the Federation of Êzîdî Associations and the Brussels Kurdish Institute was hosted by MEP Ana Gomes from the Social Democratic Group.

In the final resolution it was noted that the Êzîdîs are the most ancient community in the Middle East, and that with the 3 August attack by ISIS on Sinjar, at least 5,000 people were killed and as many abducted. “Thousands of women were raped and then sold openly in markets. While 10 thousand people remain on Mount Sinjar, under attack from ISIS, 350 thousand have fled their homes and been scattered throughout the region. As a community the Êzîdîs have experienced a serious trauma and face annihilation. It is the duty of all humanity, but particularly international powers, to protect this community and prevent its destruction.”

The following resolutions were passed at the conference:

– Urgent assistance is needed for all displaced Êzîdîs, first and foremost those stranded on Mount Sinjar.

-Mobilisation to ensure the rescue and liberation of abducted Êzîdîs.

-For the massacre to be recognised as a genocide and for the perpetrators to be tried in an international criminal court.

-For all efforts to be made for the liberation of Mount Sinjar and for support to be provided to the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBŞ).

-For an international fund to be set up in order for the Êzîdîs to return to their lands and for the infrastructure to be restored.

-For an autonomous Êzîdî region to be established in order for a just and lasting political solution to be secured in the Kurdistan region.

-For support to be given to the demands of the Assyrian-Syriac people autonomy in order to live in a democratic and secure way.

– For aid provided by the European Union to be conveyed to refugees in North Kurdistan through the Union of GAP Municipalities (GABB).

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