Press conference, Iraq’s Minorities – European Parliament

dsc_1032Brussels, November 19


A press conference was held at the European Parliament concerning an Autonomy’s declaration for the region of  Sinjar, Ninova and Tel Halef of Iraq. 
The press conference was organized in co-operation with the Christian Political Foundation for Europe and was attended by representatives of the European Syriac Union, the Iraqi Turkmen Front, and the Head of Foreign Affairs Federation of Yezidi Associations.
MEP Branislav Skripek, from the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, began the press conference by emphasizing the need to ensure the safety of the Assyrians and Yezidis people, noting that they were the earliest inhabitants of the region.
In the same perspectiveJohannes de Jong, from the Christian Political Foundation for Europe,
in the same perspective pointed out that ethnic minorities such as Yezidis, Assyrians and others have always faced the domination of other peoples:“These perpetual aggressions will end only when will be the appropriate security measures to ensure the living conditions of these minorities. And this is feasible through joint iniative of South Kurdistan and the Iraqi central government. “

Dr. Hassan Aydinli, representative of the Iraqi Turkmen to the EU, also said in his speech that Assyrians, Turkmen and Yezidis people were the most ancient peoples of the region:
“We want to live together as people and belief of three communities. We have been continuously oppressed by the Iraqi regime. The latter has always suffer problems for minority peoples. And now it is the Daech gangs who attack us violently. We have no security for our lives. The time has come for the Yezidis, Assyrians and Turkmen people to get status in order to achieve their independence.”

Finally, the President of the European Syriac Union Lahdo Hobil stressed the importance of establishing a common and democracy as the only way to avoid the pressure they were subject:

An equality and freedom of nations can be achieved only through obtaining a status of autonomy in Iraq and Kurdistan. Because when Daech attacked Ninova area, many Assyrians were massacred. And this risk continues today. “

To finish, he made the following requests:
– Strengthen the fight against international Daech
– Release the areas occupied by Daech
– Give A regional and international support to make possible the return of AssyrosChaldeans and Syriac who were forced to leave the plains of Mosul and Ninova.
The recognition of a status of autonomy to the Assyrians of Ninova area.
A humanitarian aid from the European Union in this area.


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