Demirtas – Vienna Visit

B7_W6-WCEAEL---Co-chairman of the HDP Selahattin Demirtas visited Vienna on January 21 to take part in several meetings, including one with Austrian President Heinz Fischer.
The member of the HDP’s international relations Nazmi Gür accompanied Demirtas during the visit.
The co-chairman of the HDP met with presidents of different political parties in Austria, including the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) and the group’s president Reinhold Lopatka, the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) and the group’s president Andreas Schieder, the Austrian green Party (Die Grünen) and the president of the group Eva Glawischnig.
The topics discussed at the meetings focused on EU-Turkey relations, on recent developments in Turkey and on regional issues. During the press conference, Demirtas said that these visits were an introduction to the policy of his party, but also an opportunity to give a new perspective on existing regional conflicts and share opinions about possible solutions to the problems of region.Answering questions about the events that recently occurred in the town of Cizre (North Kurdistan), Demirtas stressed the essential duty of the government to find those responsible for the recent crimes committed in Cizre and the urgency to deliver to justice the authors of the killings.“This task is not ours. There has been 7 funerals so far, but no charges have been considered until now. The government must clearly take steps to ensure peace in Cizre. And to ensure peace  in Cizre, it is not enough, as claimed the other day by a government’s spokesman, to proceed by cleaning the city from its “bandits“, but to take a truly democratic action. “

He concluded by expressing the hope that the situation in Cizre returns to normal as soon as possible and by promising that from his side the HDP would do its best to contribute to improve the situation.
He also stressed that the continual attempts by the President of the Republic of Turkey aimed to target Kurdish municipalities and systematically accuse the HDP were not correct.
He also denounced the government’s flagrant attitude of continually blaming  opposition parties, considering it unfair. Regarding the alleged collaboration between the YDG-H and “Parallel Structures”, referred to the organization of the brotherhood of Fethullah Gülen, he added that all the mayors, officials of security forces, the police and governors of the region were appointed by the government and not by Fethullah Gülen. These facts fall therefore, according to the co-chairman of HDP, to the sole responsibility of the government.

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