Joint press conference HDP – Turkish government: 10 articles announcement

At a joint press conference with representatives of the Turkish government on February 28, the HDP MPs provided the 10 principles agreed between Öcalan and the government as a basis for a resolution of the Kurdish question.

The series which consists of 10 items make the following demands:

– The definition and content of democratic politics;
– The definition of national and local dimensions of a democratic solution;
– Legal and democratic warranties of free citizenship;
– Relations between state and society, and how these issues will be institutionalized;
– Socio-economic dimensions of the resolution process;
– Handling democracy-security ties during the resolution process in a manner that will sustain both public order and freedoms;
– Legal solutions and warranties for policies on women, culture and ecology;
– Developing a pluralist democracy to define the concept of identity;
– Defining the concepts of a democratic republic, a common homeland and a nation with democratic criteria, and granting these a legal and constitutional warranty within a pluralist democratic system;
– Writing a new constitution that aims to internalize all democratic moves and transformations.

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