Toulouse – Conference on Kobanê

A conference was held on Saturday February 28 on the resistance in Rojava at the Toulouse Exhibition Centre. The history and culture of the Kurdish resistance, the constitution of Rojava, the struggle of women were presented.
The CSPK organized the event titled: 6 hours for Kobanê and Kurdistan. The NPA (New Anti-Capitalist Party) was also present at this initiative. The NPA is part of the Support to the Kurdish People Collective (CSPK), founded in Toulouse in October 2014 in solidarity with the resistance in Kobanê against Daesh. This group is also positioned for the right to self-determination of the Kurdish people against the imperialist division of Kurdistan since a century and against the oppression of dictatorships and local conservative regimes in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, gendarmes of the imperialism in the  Middle East.

Olivier Besancenot said during his speech that it was an honor for him to be there for kobanê, symbol of freedom. He said: 

“The PKK has never been a terrorist organization, and will never be. The PKK is a symbol of freedom and democracy of the Kurdish people and the Middle East. An humanitarian corridor has to be opened in Kobanê, and logistical and military support must be given as soon as possible“, before continuing: 

“Three revolutionary Kurdish women have been brutally murdered before the eyes of all Europe. We will show solidarity both for the elucidation of the massacre and for the reconstruction of Kobanê. “ 

During the various sessions of the conference, the president of the Association France-Kurdistan Sylvie Jan also expressed his displeasure: 

“Sakine, Fidan and Leyla are in our hearts, and we give you our word , we will do everything we can to clarify this killing and bring those responsible to justice.” 

Stating that the PKK was not a terrorist organization, she said that the PKK was the movement of freedom for the Kurdish people: 

“The terrorist organization is Daesh. Kobanê was the example for the whole world, the example of a hope that the oppressed could win.” 

Alain Billon, who spoke on behalf of the Left Party, said that taking part in this event on behalf of freedom fighters and democracy was for him an honor. Billon recently visited three rojava cantons and testified Saturday about the amount of work already done in the field: 

“We must immediately start rebuilding kobanê and we must show the willingness of the international solidarity in this reconstruction. I condemn the murder Sakine, Fidan, Leyla, and those of Charlie Hebdo, and invites everyone to fight on behalf of the principles of freedom and democracy. “ 

The HDP’s representative in Europe Mr. Eyyup Doru said about the general election of June 7, 2015 the HDP would appear as a party that will hear the voice of the “other”, the oppressed in the the Parliament, to put an end to the racist and sectarian politics of the repressive power of the AKP. Mr.Doru called those living in Europe to be on the side of freedom and democracy to say stop to regressive policies of the AKP and to vote for the HDP: 

” Our determination to remove the anti-democratic threshold of 10% will be reflected until the polls.  As the coordinator of the elections in Europe, I call on all our friends to control the votes and work with a true spirit of mobilization. “

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