Die Linke – Debate German Bundestag

German MEP from the Left party “Die Linke” Jan Van Aken contested on Thursday 05 the decision of the German Federal Parliament to remove the immunity of the deputy  Nicole Gohlke. As a protest he posted a picture with the flag of the PKK in a session of the German Federal Parliament’s general Assembly.

Nicole Gohlke had brandished the PKK’s flag on October 18 during a solidarity demonstration for Kobanê  in the city of Munich to denounce the attitude of Germany towards the PKK. The following November she was under observation by the Committee on the immunity of the Parliament and her parliamentary immunity was challenged.

MP Van Aken argued that Kobanê had been set free thanks to this flag. According to Van Aken, the immunity issue is absurd, and he spoke at the General Assembly of the Federal Parliament to protest the government of Merkel and her severe and very critical policy towards the PKK.

“We oppose the lift of immunity because the PKK is a force that fights effectively against the Daesh organization. Moreover, the PKK has been in a state of cease-fire for years and the Turkish government is continuing negotiations with the PKK’s leader Abdullah Öcalan in the ongoing peace process. This is why I find absurd this lift of immunity “.

After his speech and as a protest, the deputy pulled out a picture with the PKK flag in a A4 size and showed it to the General Assembly:

“Those who fight in the name of this flag saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Yezidis and made Kobanê free”.

He added that the United States also gave their support to the forces fighting under this flag, and addressing the CDU / CSU member Volker Kauder, he called for the lifting of immunity of the latter:

“Mr. Kauder, your immunity must also be lifted. You started a debate by asking that weapons be given to the PKK. When we place ourself in your mindset, you also give your support to a terrorist group. Therefore M.Kauder has to be against the lift of immunity of Mrs Gohlke. In Germany, there are thousands of people who openly show their sympathy for the PKK, despite the fact that they are criminalized. “

Gregor Gysi, president of the same party said as to him he would ensure this immunty’s lift not to be approved and that an important message was to be given to the community.

Speaking on behalf of the Green Party, Britta Hasselman said for her part her party would abstain from voting.

After about 20 minutes of debate at the parliamentary session, the decision of the commission was voted on by different parties. In the vote, the coalition parties CDU / CSU and the SPD voted for the lift of the immunity of the member in question, members of the Green Party abstained while those of the Left Party voted unanimously no.

The following procedure will be the opening of a criminal investigation by the prosecutor’s office in Munich on Gohlke cases. A decision to open an investigation to the 10 members of the Left party who raises the PKK flag in the Federal Parliament building to protest this decision was also taken in December.

A similar decision was adopted in January about the member of parliament for the city of Hamburg Cansu Ozdemir.


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