Selahattin Demirtas – Berlin visit

At a launch party of his election campaign on Sunday March 29 in Berlin, HDP’s co-chairman Selahattin Demirtas spoke about the likely consequences of positive votes of European voters on the parliamentary elections of June in Turkey.He stressed that it was not only elections between political parties, but that it was also a race between those who had gathered to defend peace and freedom and supporters of a dictatorial regime that uses all sorts of manoeuvre to hinder the victory of the workers and oppressed who are on the side of freedom, peace and democracy. He continued by explaining that the HDP was a party that gathered the oppressed and progressive and that they, through their strong will, would succeed in abolishing the 10% threshold. He also said that the whole world was watching closely what was going on in Turkey and was ready to testify how the party was going to bring peace to this country.He said that before, his party participated in the elections with independent candidates and that this prevented the votes of voters abroad from reaching them. He continued by stating that today was not the case and that thanks to the votes of voters in Europe this gap would be filled because now overcoming the 10% had at last become possible. According to Demirtas, each voter in Europe will count to surpass this anti-democratic threshold of 10%, which was introduced after the military coup of 12 September 1980, which had been imposed to prevent the oppressed from being represented in the Parliament.Demirtas also visited an Alevi place of worship in the German capital, where he was greeted by a large crowd.

During his visit, Demirtas recalled the suffering endured by many Alevis throughout their history: 

“The Alevis have so far burned no-one. They have not made anyone suffer. They have checked nobody’s doors. Those who are afraid of Alevis are those who actually fear that they will bring democracy.
We now want to move from those who ask to those who rule and the elections of 7 June will be a defining moment to do so, do not miss this opportunity, we have the power to do it! “.

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