Yazidi delegation meets United Left and Greens in EP

A Sinjar Yazidi delegation in Europe has held a meeting with the European United Left and The Greens/European Free Alliance groups in the European Parliament. The delegation asked for concrete plans for the rescue of Yazidi hostages captured by ISIS and for the Yazidi people living in difficult conditions. The delegation stressed in the talks that the Yazidi people were saved from a bigger massacre at the hands of ISIS by the PKK and YPG/YPJ forces.

The meeting was held between Fikret Igrek, Nofa Seleman, Fadil Naif Abdi and Ayhan Igrek from the Federation of Yazidi Associations and the Sinjar Council in exile, and Gaby Zimmer, the chair of the European United Left and Rebekka Harms, the chair of The Greens.

The delegation discussed with the group representatives the problems and expectations of the Yazidi people in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and diaspora as well as the aftermath of the crimes against humanity perpetrated by ISIS, particularly against Yazidi women and children in Sinjar. The meeting also discussed the concrete measures that have to be taken for the solution of the problems of the Yazidi people. The delegation stressed that the urgent issue is the rescue of hostages held by ISIS.

The delegation stressed in the meeting that the ISIS gangs attacked Yazidi people with an aim to ethnically cleanse the region, targeting women and children, adding that the YPG/YPJ forces and PKK guerrillas resisted the ISIS gangs with limited means and that the corridor opened between Mount Sinjar and Rojava by the guerrillas saved thousands of Yazidis from the attacks of ISIS.

The Yazidi delegation further recalled that there are thousands of Yazidi refugees at the moment in different countries and urged the EU and the UN to make concrete action plans to aid the refugees.

The delegation also said a democratic autonomous system, affiliated to South Kurdistan, like the one in Rojava, in the region of Nineveh is necessary to ensure the self-defence of the Yazidi people.

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