EP – Conference on Iran and Eastern Kurdistan

GetAttachment.aspxA conference entitled “The Crisis in Middle East, Iran, and the Kurds” has taken place on Thursday, June 4 at the European Parliament. The conference was organized by the Kurdish Friendship Group within the EP and endorsed by the Eastern Kurdistan Committee and the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK). The conference tackled the war being waged in Middle East, the ongoing bilateral nuclear consultations, and the Kurds and other minorities of Iran who are under heavy suppression.

The discussions converged around topics of democracy, human rights, the approach of international forces toward Iran, as well as solutions proposed by Kurds and other ethno-religious groups. The fact that Iran is currently heavily exploiting the process of nuclear negotiations to intensify executions, torture and imprisonment of political and human rights activists was discussed . It has been stated that through this approach of eradicating political dissent while using the negotiation process to develop its nuclear capabilities, the Iranian regime seeks to increase its regional influence. Representatives, and friends of the Kurdish, Arab, Persian, Azeri and Balochi people met together to draw attention to the truth behind those recent events.

The conference has been an important platform for discussing alternatives and finding a mutual ground for resolving the Iranian regime’s oppressive policies towards ethnic and democratic forces and sought to engage the Iranian opposition and friends of the Kurdish people into collaboration and dialogue.


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