SYRIZA – Statement on the attacks of the HDP

The Foreign Policy & Defense Department of SYRIZA has condemned today the attacks on the HDP:

“The consecutive fascist murderous attacks during pre-electoral rallies of HDP and Demirtas’s speeches in Turkey in the last days, which resulted in the death of at least 6 people and the injury of hundreds, and the amphoteric stance of the Turkish police do not even resemble an environment of democratic normality.

The ceremonial condemnation on behalf of the ruling party of AKP is not enough to wash off the anti-democratic crime that is being committed. These practices are extremely dangerous and in the past they have lead Turkey to painful aberrations.

We call upon the Turkish government to respect democratic legitimacy and commit itself to the smooth and transparent conduct of tomorrow’s elections, far from plans hostile to democracy and freedom.

Athens, 6 June 2015″.


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