HDP Statement – Elections evaluation

Brussels, June 07,

The final results of the parliamentary elections were announced this Sunday and confirmed the passage for the HDP party of the imposed 10% threshold. By winning a total of 13.1% of the vote, the HDP will ensure the presence of 80 deputies in the parliament, becoming the third parliamentary force of the country and putting an end to the objectives of the AKP, which, by losing the absolute majority, finds itself obliged to form a coalition government with one of the opposition groups on the one hand and to end its ultimate goal of drafting a new constitution in order to introduce a presidential system “Turca fashion” which primarily aimed to homogenize the country and to transfer a maximum of power to the central government on the other hand. Of a total of 550 seats, the AKP dropped to 258 seats, the CHP won 132 seats and the MHP, 80.
The whole electoral process was conducted in the unfortunately usual unfair and classical implemented strategy of the ruling party that use every means at its disposal to resort to electoral fraud.

A series of violent attacks were also deplored throughout the election campaign. Hundreds of spontaneous physical assaults suffered by the pro-HDP citizens in the streets, universities and cafes, bomb attacks targeting the offices of HDP in different cities and the bomb blast at a rally the day before the election that made four dead and hundreds of injured, all tactics were used and proved again the determination of the Turkish government to prevent a lasting political progress for which the kurds have been campaigning for so long.

Despite all efforts to impede the smooth conduct of the electoral process, our party managed to cross the famous 10% treshold which was established by the military junta after the 1980 coup to prevent Kurdish representation in parliament. By appointing 31 MP in parliament, the HDP also becomes the largest party in terms of percentage of women’s representation in parliament in the country’s history.

We sincerely thank all those who defend the struggle of the Kurdish people, all European political parties that have actively shown their support for the HDP throughout the election campaign, all the organizations around the world who have been advocating for our cause for many years, and all European and international observers who have massively mobilized for an equitable and fair proceeding, despite the difficult and dangerous context, of the elections.

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