HDP Europe – Statement on the snap elections of November 1st

The general elections on 07 June in Turkey had the main effect of preventing the establishment of the one-party rule. Meetings between the AKP and the other political parties were unable to reach a government formation (between the AKP and the CHP nor between the AKP and the MHP), the cause of these successive disagreements arising from the fact that the party of the AKP, which has wiped his first electoral defeat in 13 years of rule, has made every effort to prevent the formation of a coalition government. The current Prime Minister, in the early meetings, pretended to negotiate with the political parties to form a coalition government even though he had already received instructions from President Erdogan to prepare for early elections.
One of the strategies adopted to justify these new elections was the declaration of war against the Kurdish people and all other democratic forces in the country, hence the violent provocations in the southeast of the country witnessed. These provocations were nevertheless initiated shortly before the elections on June 07 with the military operations in the region of Agri against the forces of guerrilla or with the attacks against the HDP’s headquarters in the cities of Mersin and Adana. The massacre perpetrated by individuals linked to the government circles at a HDP’s rally in Diyarbakir two days before the elections that caused the death of four people and left 412 injured is another example.
All these criminal actions had been programmed with the intention of preventing the HDP to exceed the undemocratic national threshold of 10% and self-declaring the new Caliphate of President Erdogan. Yet the positive results of the HDP prevented the continuation of his empire and the response of the latter was again to perpetrate massacres. These began with the bombing of Suruç, which killed 33 people, mostly students who wanted to give their support to the people of Kobanê. Simultaneously military operations were launched against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and massive arrests of political operations of members and supporters of HDP in northern Kurdistan and Turkey. There are so far been more than 1,400 arrests among whom mayors, deputy mayors, local political leaders and associations of activists. State of emergency was declared in several cities in northern Kurdistan. By justifying, on the international scene, to fight a war against Daesh and the PKK, the AKP regime has concentrated the whole of the military and air forces against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and against the Kurdish civilian population. Thus, of 410 air strikes, only two have so far targeted Daesh targets, every other strikes have focused on Kurdish guerrillas’s position. Today, the 45 legal days allowed to designate the formation of a new government ended and President Erdogan has officially proclaimed the renewal of the elections on November 1st. The AKP hopes in this way to attract the votes of the extreme right who are against the peace process. But since opinion polls conducted show that there will be no major changes of current political lines and even show a clear rise of HDP and the CHP and a drop in votes for the MHP and the AKP. The last elections ensured a great success of the HDP across the northern Kurdistan region and placed it even as third political party in big cities such Istanbul. These elections will be a new political, economic and strategic stake in Turkey and throughout the Middle East as the stability of the region depends on policies that will be implemented by the next government in Turkey.The current government is illegitimate because, despite the fact that AKP lost the majority in parliament, it keeps taking decisions that will have serious consequences such as the declaration of war and the end of the peace process with the Kurds.

The HDP will fight, as from the beginning, for democracy, fraternity among peoples, gender equality, regional and international peace.

We call on international institutions, the Council of Europe, the European Union and NGOs to support us during the next re-elections process, by organizing and sending observer delegations on the field for fair and free elections, seen the high risk of massive electoral fraud in the region.

Eyyup Doru,
Hdp European representation

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