HDP Delegation – Austria Visit

11923289_838356806263112_2796319119067468568_oHDP Co-President Selahattin Demirtaş, DBP Co-President Kamuran Yüksek, Deputy Co-President Nazmi Gür, HDP Representative for Europe Eyüp Doru and Austrian Green Party MP Berivan Aslan met Austrian President Heinz Fischer yesterday.

Representatives of Austrian Kurdish Council (FEYKOM) also attended the meeting at the Presidential Palace which witnessed a discussion on HDP’s solution policy and recent developments in Kurdistan and Turkey.

Demirtaş and the accompanying delegation will commence their program for the upcoming November 1st election with a rally to be held in the Austrian capital Vienna tomorrow.

Following the meeting a press conference was held in which Demirtas stressed the importance of the HDP and the significant contributions it has made to Turkey despite the recent nature of the party. He said his party gave a special importance to diplomatic relationships which allows a better understanding of the party, particularly among the European public. Considering the developments in the Middle East, he cited the importance of the HDP as a party whose role is to target a pluralist democracy:“Throughout the Middle East region, we defend the autonomy everywhere central states, dictatorships and single rule of a single person are up. The success of our party represents also a hope of democracy in Turkey. These are the main topics we discussed with Mr. President. The most painful problem in our country is the resumption of armed conflict. The end of a truce of two and a half year that had been respected despite all the difficulties, has led to new bloodshed and we will unite all our efforts as part of our work to remedy this situation. We expressed our expectations to the President, whose country has proposed to be a candidate for a contribution to civil peace in Turkey, to see Austria contribute to the implementation of a policy that encourages a mutual cease-fire and a return to negotiations.Referring to the threat against humanity that the Daesh group represents, Demirtas has valued the importance of the contribution of the international community to the resistance of Rojava and their considerable efforts to initiate negotiations between the parties for peace to be ensured in Syria. Demirtas has also stressed the need to do the maximum for Syrian refugees to return home.The co-chairman of DBP also spoke at the press conference and said that the Kurds in Turkey aimed at creating a system of local democracy similar to that in force in the Austrian system.

Referring to the war policy implemented by the AKP and the Turkish President Erdogan, Yüksek denounced the intention of implementing the “single rule system”.

Yüksek also denounced the recent arrest of more than 1,200 people, the detention of more than 420 people and the detention of seven co-chairs of Kurdish municipalities. He requested support to the Austrian government for an end to the excessive pressure from the AKP and concluded his speech by noting that the violent conflict that is currently underway in the Kurdish provinces was for most a conflict between the state – AKP and the Kurdish people.

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