Marie-Christine Vergiat – Statement on the attacks against the HDP

Marie-Christine Vergiat, MEP of the Left Front and president of the Kurdish Friendship Group in the European Parliament sent a message about the alarming situation currently underway in Cizre:

September 10, 2015,

“Since Monday, September 7, more than 300 HDP party offices were torched or vandalized, including the party’s general headquarters in Ankara, under the eyes of police who did not intervene.

This outbreak of violence is not a coincidence. It is the direct consequence of dangerous political games and instrumentalization of the Kurdish question for purely electoral purposes.

The European and international press echoed the deads in the ranks of the army and the PKK. But do we know that nearly 100 Kurdish civilians were killed within a month? Do we know that some of them were shot by police snipers for violating the curfew, including women and children? Do we know that in the mainly kurdish town of Cizre, ambulances are denied access, and that families are forced to keep the bodies of their murdered relatives in freezers?

Let us remember that the violence began last April, in particular with the Diyarbakir bombing on June 5 two days before the elections, and continued with the attack of Suruç that caused the death of 32 young socialist activists who were about to bring aid to Kobanî, and made a hundred injured.

These horrors must stop and the European Union must carry weight to avoid a return to civil war. Yes, the violence must stop on both sides and Tayyip Erdogan must stop playing with fire.

Intimidation of activists, journalists and elected officials must stop; Turkish troops must withdraw from the Kurdish cities. Only the peace process stalled since April can resolve this conflict that has lasted too long. And for that Abdullah Öcalan has to come out of isolation.

Restoring the calm is in the interest of all communities in Turkey and it is only on that condition that the elections of November will take place in good conditions. “

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