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Ankara, September 14,


To the press and the public


After failing to achieve their desired results from the elections, the AKP has thrown Turkey into a spiral of violence. Out of fear of losing power or worse still, being held accountable for their deeds, the AKP has cast Turkey into an inferno. However, realizing that they will not be able to achieve their desired results in the November 1st elections either, there has been an exponential increase in violence and violations of rights .

Curfews have been declared in a city or a town everyday under the pretense of public safety and protection of property, however, in actuality in these locales, state practice has constituted violations of all basic human rights, especially the right to live. The incidents of the past week in Cizre could not be concealed from the Turkish public despite the state’s efforts to obstruct investigation. The news of the 23 civilian deaths and the images of houses reduced to shambles by mortar fire were promulgated among the people. This is due in large part to the efforts of the people of Cizre, the journalists and our MPs who remained in Cizre in spite of the curfew and risked their lives to share the reality of what was happening with the people of Turkey.

The AKP’s greatest fear is that people should be confronted with the truth. Their biggest nightmare is that the people should realize what is happening. They have done and continued to do whatever is necessary without regard to national and international law such that the truth should not be brought to light. In this regard, our MPs  in the region who are observing  and documenting violations of human rights and due process have been targeted by police and gendarmerie forces who act as the AKP’s own law enforcement.

It is utterly scandalous that the committee consisting of ministers, our co-chair SelahattinDemirtas and our MPs were unable to enter Cizre in order to observe what is happening on the ground. The committee was prevented with physical force from entering Cizre. It is crystal clear that in the name of the curfew such great crimes are being committed by the state that they must be concealed from its own elected officials. In the aftermath of the curfew, the images that were brought forth revealed what they were trying to conceal.

The audacity of the AKP’s police reached new heights as our MPs were directly targeted.

After the curfew was declared in the town of Sur, the police attacked the people of Diyarbakir who wanted to enter the town to prevent the civilian casualties. Our Diyarbakir MP, CaglarDemirel, who was in the crowd, was also attacked by the police. As a result of this deliberate and targeted attack by the police, our MP’s foot was wounded and he was taken to hospital.

Around the same time in Galatasaray Square, the police, while interfering with the press statement by the Peace Bloc, an initiative that came together for peace and brotherhood against all the incitements to war, targeted our MPs in particular. In this attack, our Antalya MP was targeted and wounded with three gas canisters shot at his back.

We strongly condemn the repression and attacks by the police and gendarme. We demand that the responsible parties be suspended from their positions and all necessary executive and legal step be taken.

Throughout the course of these events, as members of parliament were beaten, attacked and wounded, the silence of the head of parliament is another curious case. Since this silence indicates the tacit approval of this lawless situation, we invite him to take a clear stance against the repression and attacks against the member of the parliament of which he heads.

The real aim behind targeting our MPs is to intimidate our people through them and to wipe out the rising voice of peace and brotherhood in their name. In spite of all the attacks and repression, one thing should be known: That our party HDP will continue to raise the voice of peace and brotherhood. No form of pressure will sway us from this path. The HDP’s march of peace, freedom and brotherhood will continue with the same determination.
Idris Baluken                                                  Pervin Buldan

The People’s Democratic Party                    The People’s Democratic Party

Group Deputy Chairman                               Group Deputy Chairman





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