Selahattin Demirtas – Copenhagen visit

DHA-56c68096acc08051c676f49e88e00433-4-tHDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtas met Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen in Copenhagen this friday.

Before the meeting Demirtas emphasized before a crowd of supporters the need for the government to end the violence that has swept through the country since late July and said the current repression and large scale attacks against civilian were threatening to overshadow November’s election which was called after the June poll failed to produce a majority party for the AKP.

“We do not favor violence as a method for a solution,” stated Demirtaş, who blamed President Erdoğan for closing all doors to this end by demanding that the PKK lay down arms without offering any concessions.

“However President Erdoğan does not want the fighting to stop and instead demanded that the PKK unilaterally lay down their weapons.”

In his statement to the press, Demirtaş also stressed that it would have even been possible to achieve a ceasefire before the November 1 elections if the government had been willing.

“Erdoğan is trying everything to prevent a peace process from starting and has closed all doors. However the outcome of the elections will once again favor those who want peace, and I believe a process of negotiations will then resume in a quick manner,” Demirtaş told reporters in Copenhagen before meeting Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen.

Demirtaş also spoke of his concerns for the fairness of the November 1 elections and said the security of the ballot boxes will be even more riskier this time and stressed the importance of the presence of  international observers during the electoral process.





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