MEP Rebecca Harms: EU can no more remain silent on the practices in Kurdish towns

Member of the European Parliament for Alliance ’90/Greens, Rebecca Harms, held a press conference today regarding the ongoing state terror across the Kurdish region in Turkey.

Harms stressed that; “The European Union can no more remain silent and be an onlooker to the practices committed by the Turkish state in a huge violation of human rights in Kurdish towns.”

According to Harms, the EU should anticipate and act in consideration of a probable flow of migrants in the event of an escalation in the ongoing conflict between the PKK and the Turkish state. She remarked that the EU should therefore become a part of an effort to stop this conflict.

Drawing attention to the dire situation in the Kurdish region, Harms also called upon the European Union to support the HDP which she described as a significant project for peace and resolution.

MEP Rebecca Harms said the Turkish government’s practices in the Kurdish region were unacceptable and constituted a huge violation of human rights, underlining that the situation was a matter of urgency.

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