PES delegation denied visit to HDP Co-chair Demirtaş in Edirne

322c8c20a4dca3b383952160d96d92db5b9aa0ed_1479722397A delegation from the Party of European Socialists (PES) intended to pay a visit to HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş at the prison of Edirne, in Edirne province.

The delegation was prevented from entering the prison where the PES’s associate party co-president is held prisoner.

The delegation made therewith a press conference during which Stanishev protested the obstruction, saying political prisoners have rights:


He is not abandoned, he is not alone, our political family is in solidarity with him,”

We will not ignore the violations of basic rights and freedoms the Turkish government is undergoing, this will have an impact in the accession talks of Turkey”,

The Progressive Group in the European Parliament put a debate about Turkey in this week’s plenary’s agenda.

The PES delegation is expected to visit the Cumhuriyet daily and the CHP in the afternoon.

List of the members of PES Delegation who went to visit Demirtaş today in Edirne is as follows:

Sergei Stanishev: President; PES

Hannes Weninger: Member of parliament; SPO, Austria

Arne Lietz: Member of the European Parliament; SPD, Germany

Pia Locatelli: Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the; PSI, Italy

Marietta Tidei: Member of parliament; PD, Italy; Foreign Affair Commission, Italian Parliament

Brando Benifei: Member of the European Parliament; PD, Italy

Marie Granlund: Member of Parliament, Social democratic; SAP, Sweden; Group leader, committee on EU affairs

Jens Orbach: Former Minister of Integration; SAP, Sweden; Secretary General of Olof Palme Center

Johan Buser: Member of Parliament, Social democratic; SAP, Sweden

Marie Rose Koro: Consular Adviser, Turkey; National Assistant Secretary for the Francophonie; PS, France

Giacomo Filibeck: Deputy Secretary General; PES, Italy

Lorenza Tiberi: Adviser of the President Office; PES, Italy

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