Laurent Fabius – Call to the UN Security Council

March 9, 2015,

The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called on the international community to mobilize to defend the Eastern Christians.

“I have decided to summon the United Nations Security Council for a meeting to be held on March 27, which will be devoted to the situation of Eastern Christians and other minorities, to say that we are on their side and that we will not accept this persecution” announced the head of French diplomacy.

France, which chairs the Security Council in March, wants to hold a debate because of the growing abuses suffered by Eastern Christians facing the phenomenon of systematic destruction toward them from the jihadists of the Islamic state.

It is is not to be nostalgic, but to defend a certain vision of history and of the state, a state that is defending living together,” said Mr Fabius, who will personally chair the meeting on March 27.

If the adoption of a text is not in the agenda, the holding of this meeting is according to Paris a strong signal.

“It will show the willingness of many countries to refuse to accept the atrocities committed by jihadist groups against minorities”, said the French foreign minister, adding that “there is no more powerful platform” than the United Nations.

“Daesh and all the terrorists that are with them simply decided to eliminate all those who do not think like them, to destroy them physically, to guillotine. France evokes the universal consciousness, and by requesting a mobilization by the Security Council, is playing its own role”, he said.

Last month, 220 Assyrian Christians were kidnapped in the region of Til Temir. Following the brutal attacks on their villages, about 5,000 Assyrians were forced to flee.
The Assyrians are one of the oldest Christian communities in Syria. Before the conflict began in 2011, its population was 30,000
As in Syria, Iraq Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities are currently exposed to genocidal attacks of the enemies of humanity.