Aygül Bidav – Council of Europe current Affairs Committee

Aygül Bidav, the co-mayor of the Van municipality center, took part at the Council of Europe’s meeting in Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands on 1 July 2015, in which members of the Current Affairs Committee discussed several reports concerning the prevention of radicalisation, youth participation and social cohesion. In particular, the relevant reports were on “Guidelines for local and regional authorities on preventing radicalisation and manifestations of hate at grassroots level”, “Bringing down barriers to youth participation”, “Combating the feminisation of poverty” and “Championing children’s rights in times of austerity”. The rapporteurs reported on the state of progress of reports under preparation, in particular concerning the participation of women in politics, the development of a “toolkit” on intercultural and interfaith activities for local elected representatives and the preparation with the Governance Committee of a joint paper on following up the Congress strategy to combat radicalisation at grassroots level. In addition, members discussed their future priorities and proposed continuing their work on integrating young people through politics and employment and on regional or minority languages in Europe. The meeting was chaired by Farid Mukhametshin, Chair of the Current Affairs Committee of the Congress.