HDP Delegation meets Federica Mogherini, Gabriele Zimmer and Martin Schultz

The HDP delegation pursued its meetings on june 15 with high representatives from the European Union.


hdpab_3_The delegation first met the high representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini in the framework of the European Development Days.

The lifting of immunity and the current war waged against Kurdish civilians in the Kurdish region of Turkey was the main topic discussed during the meeting where Mogherini conveyed her concerns about democracy and the Kurdish problem in Turkey, adding she would follow these issues closely.

The delegation submitted several expertise reports of Human rights Organization of Turkey as well as international reports, saying not only local Human’s rights representatives but also international delegations haven’t been allowed of access so far inside the disaster areas. They also said the new decision of displacing  local populations from their cities was aberrant and added this kind of strategies would lead certainly the country to an extended ethnic civil war, which would trigger an even bigger refugee crisis.


The HDP delegation later joined the European Left Group’s chair Gabriele Zimmer inside the Parliament building.hdpab_13_

At the beginning of the meeting Zimmer has however expressed her contentment with the presence of the HDP delegation in Brussels. Zimmer also said she was against the parlemantarian’s immunity removal and stressed her group was about to discuss what kind of concrete steps there were going to take.

The delegation finally met with Martin Schultz, current president of the European Parliament, and the topics set out with the two precedents European leaders were explained again to the president.


Martin Schultz took note with concern of the accounts of the succession of tragic events occurring inside the Kurdish region of Turkey as well as threat of a stripping of immunity could represent for democratically elected politicians.

The delegation submitted the same experts about the serious Human rights violations in the country’s Kurdish region and declared it was alarming that no accredited experts was allowed to go on the scene to assess neutrally and objectively the state of damages.

Eyyup Doru drew attention on the current attempt of displacing people from their city, saying it was the worst strategy to be implemented and that it will certainly take a turn for the worst. He also denounced the motion aiming at giving full immunity to police and military officer that whose abuses and crimes would not be prosecuted without the authorization of the prime minister.

Shultz expressed his contentment about meeting the HDP delegation and said Demirtas was  representing pluralism in Turkey.image-15-06-16-18-45

He also that Kurdish democratic expression had to be defended and not targeted, adding the EU Parliament will always stand against violation of rule of law and Human Rights.

He said European is closely following the development of the situation and said the situation was more than worrying.

He said he was also honored to have met journalist Can Dündar the day earlier and said

” He stands tall to defend press freedom in most difficult time for Turkey journalism”.