HDP representation in Europe calls to strengthen democracy

Various political parties that are preparing to take in the presidential and parliamentary elections of June 24 in Turkey are aware of the important electoral issues it represents. These elections will be held once again in undemocratic conditions and the uncertainty of voting conditions on polling day is growing day by day.

Most of the political analyses carried out so far confirm that the voices of our party (which brings together the different ethnicities and all the democratic forces of Turkey) will be decisive for the composition of the parliament and for the nomination of the presidential candidate of Turkey in the 2nd round. Of course the balances are not equal from the start between our party and the other parties that will take part in these elections.

Despite thousands of arrests of our members, mayors and members of our party to weaken our electorate (these arrests continue to this day on a daily basis), despite the illegitimate incarceration of our candidate Selahattin Demirtas, officially appointed candidate for the presidency and imprisoned without any valid reason and whose release was requested even by the opposition parties CHP, Iyi Party and Sadet, our party keeps hope and continues its campaign with reduced means but incredible courage.

In this context of total control over justice, the abusively prolonged state of emergency and displacement of polling stations initially located in Kurdistan to places more sure in terms of control of the polls by the agents of the government, step which will prevent thousands of voters to go to the polls and leave the field free to organize large-scale electoral fraud, willpower remains the only weapon available to supporters of our party to better lead the organization of these elections.

These situations of fraud have already been criticized in previous elections by bodies such OSCE and the Council of Europe but also by several international organizations present in previous elections. The OSCE and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe also confirmed the sending of observer delegations to the elections this year, while the European Parliament declared in an official statement that it would not send any delegations to Turkey on June 24, 2018.

Given the pre-elections situation and the fraudulent intentions once again put on the agenda by the Turkish government, we insist on the need to welcome as many foreign delegations as possible to monitor the polls in the Kurdish region, officially called “Southeast Anatolia”, to at least proportionally limit electoral frauds.

We call on political parties in Europe as well as all democratic and human rights organizations to stand in solidarity with all the peoples of Turkey by sending a delegation of representatives on 24 June, and to demand the release, as soon as possible, of presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtas for an access for the latter to a fair election campaign.

Eyyup Doru,

The HDP representative in Europe