Press release – HDP Representation Office in Europe

Brussels, March 21, 2019

The AKP government continues to ignore national and international laws that guarantee the free movement of individuals.

Once again, a recent statement from the Interior Ministry announcing the refusal to enter the territory to anyone criticizing the government has been illustrated by a decision to expel two activists from a French NGO, Sylvie Jan and Michel Laurent (France-Kurdistan). The HDP thanks them for their solidarity and would like to express its support.

This decision is based on an article of law that would allow the authorities to ban the territory to any person “likely to pose a risk to public order, public security or public health.
In doing so, the Turkish government wishes to intimidate foreign observers as well as citizens of Turkish nationality who are considering participating in local elections as observers. This demonstrates the fear of the government in power to sustain a likely failure in these elections, despite the thousands of arbitrary arrests of our party’s leaders and activists.

Today, March 21, is Newroz, the Kurdish New Year, which has become a symbol of resistance. The presence of hundreds of thousands of participants in the various Kurdish cities shows how the people remain united and determined in the face of so much repression and violations of their most fundamental rights, and many journalists and members of foreign delegations present at Diyarbakir’s Newroz could witness it.

In addition to the presence of observer delegations from the local authorities of the Council of Europe, several delegations composed of elected representatives and representatives of NGOs from different European countries confirmed their presence in the local elections of 31 March 2019.

We call on all institutions and organizations in Europe to follow this example by encouraging the optimal participation of their members in support of the democratic forces in Turkey.

Newroz píroz be,
Eyyup Doru, HDP representative in Europe