Press release of the HDP representation in Europe

We have just gone through elections under extremely difficult conditions during which the freedom to campaign and the right to expression have once again been severely repressed.

The AKP regime has used all the state powers that it has appropriated over the course of its mandates to heavily target our party and has as usual carried out massive arrests of representatives and members of our party. The majority of elected officials in municipalities in the Kurdish region are currently jailed and are under the constant threat of the President of Turkey and the Minister of the Interior.

Both of our party’s goals in this stormy election campaign have been met:

  • Get back all the town halls that were arbitrarily confiscated by the government that replaced our democratically elected mayors by administrators of the central state. As announced by our co-chairs Sezai Temelli and Pervin Buldan, we sent these officials home to Ankara.
  • The second objective was to make the AKP-MHP coalition lose the big cities of Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Adana and Mersin) by not presenting HDP candidates for these cities, in order to support the candidates of the opposition.

Despite all the irregularities, also denounced by several delegations of observers present on the field, we can say that these two objectives have been largely achieved.

However, we would like to point out the case of the Kurdish city of Sirnak, almost completely destroyed by the tanks of the Turkish army in 2016 and whose inhabitants had absolutely no chance to give its votes to the AKP: the government dispatched 12,000 troops there two days before the polls that voted in favor of the government and allowed the government to obtain governance in this city where 85% of people traditionally vote for our party.

Turkey is entering a new political era today where dialogue between all the peoples of the country and openness to the peace process will be the keys to a genuine democratization of the country.

We wish to thank all those who contributed to these positive results and hope that together we will witness the next steps of a political life devoid of hatred and violence.

Eyyup Doru