The People’s Democratic Party recognizes the society as multi-identity, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi religious and struggles for citizen’s right to live under equal and free conditions as a fundamental principle. In this regard, our party

–       Opposes the idea based on the denial of differences and struggles against the assimilation and denial policies.                                                          –       Recognizes and fights for the right of Kurdish people to self determination as a principal and seeks a peaceful, democratic solution to the Kurdish question based on the equal rights and voluntary togetherness.

–       Aims at the accomplishment of the peace process on the Kurdish question; considers the struggle of Kurdish people as a guaranty for the solution of the Kurdish question.

–       Believes that a sustainable solution to the problems related to culture and identity can be achieved through a new democratic, pluralist, libertarian and egalitarian constitution; struggles for a new definition of citizenship in the constitution based on the equal recognition of identities, languages, beliefs, cultures.

–       Seeks to accomplish the equal and libertarian togetherness of the peoples and laborers in a democratic republic and defines the democratic autonomy as a model and an objective for entire country.

Decentralized and local governance, democratic autonomy

Our party believes that the democratization of the politics is only possible with the self governance of peoples based on the democratic and autonomous local and regional administrations. In this regard our party;

–       Struggles to strength the local democracy and adoption of an administrative model based on autonomous assemblies.

–       Establishes participative local governance in line with the principles of direct democracy.

–       Establishes a local governance understanding that shall give the power to local people to decide the budget in order to prevent corruption, robbery and subcontracting

–       Prevails the gender equality and ecological society principles in local governance

–       Opposes the urban transformation projects and replace it with social projects in order to accomplish an urban life open to children, elderlies and handicapped citizens.

–       Actualizes the social policies favoring the peoples and laborers instead of neo-liberal economic policies in our localities.

Our party defends the right to city and expends it towards the countryside and names it as the right to locality. In this regard our party;

–        Puts forward Gender equality and positive discrimination for women as a fundamental basis for local governance

–        Re-arranges the relation between the center and local in favor of local

–        Develops local governance based on the societal needs

–        Ensures the fair and efficient usage of local resources

–        Promotes a pluralist approach to the differences of language, culture, belief and needs of localities as well as encourage the communication and negotiation of social groups

–        Protects the nature, water forests, rivers, coasts, pastures, cultivated areas and water ecosystem and ensure its usage for the good of people rather than profit making or capital accumulation

For our party, to remove the tutelage of centre and ensure the localities’ democratic control over their land, region and resources is a democratic objective.

Struggle against imperialism, war, exploitation and hegemony

The primary international objective of our party is to fight for a world without war, exploitation, and equality of peoples. To this end, our party accepts as a prior duty to struggle against hegemonic and oppressive policies of imperialism in the Middle-East, Caucasia, Balkans and the rest of the world as well as against imperialist military economic and political agreements, military bases and organizations. In this regard, our party,

–        Takes side with the democracy, freedom and social emancipation struggles of those who fight against imperialist oppression and supports the national liberation movements based on the principle of self-determination

–        Supports the efforts to end the partition of Cyprus Island; struggles against the intervention of any kind that prevents the Cypriot peoples to decide upon their own future; struggles for the withdrawal of all foreign military forces without any precondition.

–        Defends the right of Palestinian people to an independent state.

–        Opposes the attempts of Turkey to export a political regime to Syria, Iraq and other countries of the region with the help of USA and NATO.

–        Supports the efforts to reach a libertarian, secular and pluralist Syria; takes note that the attempts of Rojava (Syrian or west Kurdistan) to establish democratic self governance based on self protection with other groups in that region has due value and considers the democratic self-governance of Rojava as a model for the rest of the peoples and countries of the region; emphasizes that struggle for its protection is an internationalist responsibility.


Our party considers the proposals of scientists and education assemblies to schedule the curriculum and aims at establishing an education system that shall be anti-sexist, sensitive to LGBTI individuals, sensitive to handicapped.

One of the priorities of our party on education system is to form education assemblies in all localities to establish a people-oriented and democratic understanding of education instead of centrist, authoritarian, bureaucratic and discriminative understandings.

Power to Youth

Our party is the free ground of the active participation of youth to the politics. Our party;

–        Opposes the capitalist policies that oblige our youth to be cheap labor or to unemployment

–        Rejects the gerontocratic understandings and seeks to promote policies and tools that allow the youth to create solutions to their problems according to their needs.

–        For the efficient and active participation of youth to the politics, our party demands to reduce the age of voting and candidacy and also opposes the precondition of military service to run for elections.

–        Struggles for the removal of obligatory military service and for a constitutional guaranty to the right to conscientious objection.