The DBP (Democratic Party of Regions), was created during the third ordinary congress of the Party for Peace and Democracy (BDP) on July 11, 2014.

Its main task consist in organizing the Kurdish society under the form of a democratic self-government, called the model of democratic Confederalism, and is presented as an alternative model to the current state nation model.

DBP‘s activities are deployed in the context of the northern Kurdistan region, and are not intended to participate in parliamentary elections. However, members of the DBP, who do not stand for election, prepare and train candidates for the municipal and legislative elections in terms of its own principles of democratic Confederalism.
In the parliamentary elections, members of the DBP integrate with HDP; the latter, in his general principles, is consistent with the DBP about the self-governance system.
Over 10 000 political prisoners released after long years of detention in Turkish prisons have affiliated with DBP. It also runs several political academies in Kurdish cities in order to form qualified executives.

The municipalities and all the elected members of the General Council of the Kurdistan region are members of the party.
The local and regional policy of the Northern Kurdistan depends on the party. For example, the 102 mayors who won elections on behalf of the BDP are also members of the DBP.

It is also currently the main party that co-ordinates and organizes humanitarian assistance for refugees and IDPs from the Rojava and southern Kurdistan region.

The MP Emine Ayna and M.Kamuran Yüksek are the current co-chairs of the party.